Bridgeport BOE Extends Superintendent Rabinowitz’s Contract & Suspends Search For Permanent Superintendent

After an hour and a half executive session, the Bridgeport Board of Education voted 7-2 to extend Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz’s contract till June 2016.

This decision comes after the BOE spent weeks discussing search firm proposals – an effort that will now be suspended.

Just in case you were counting, this is the second time the BOE requested proposals without choosing any, though this time around it was less surprising.

There have been several groups that have been pushing for an extension, including the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition (BCAC), the Bridgeport Public Education Fund, and the Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership (RYASP).  Additionally, both the teachers and administrators union presidents, Robert Traber and Hector Sanchez, spoke out in favor of extension.

While there was certainly community support for this decision, not all board members were happy about the terms of the contract extension.

Former chair Sauda Baraka applauded Rabinowitz calling her a “breathe of fresh air;” However, she refused to support extending her contract, saying it would derail the search for a permanent superintendent.  Both Baraka and Howard Gardner voted against the extension.

On the other hand, their fellow BOE member Rev. Kenneth Moales asked that Rabinowitz’s contract be extended much longer, to an additional four years. Of course, this motion was not passed.

After the meeting, BOE Chair Dave Hennessey confirmed that Rabinowitz’s salary of $190,000 and contract will remain the same.



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