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Bridgeport Board to Discuss Possible Lawsuit Against State

The Bridgeport Board of Education is set to once again discuss a potential lawsuit against the state Board of Education over the two charter schools approved in March.

According to the Connecticut Post’s Linda Lambeck, the board will be giving an update at Tuesday night’s meeting. This update will likely include the findings of attorney Thomas Mooney, a top education lawyer contracted by the board to look into their options should they pursue a lawsuit against the state.

Angry the state board listened to parents rather than them, the Working Families Party-led board has been seeking ways to block additional charter schools from opening in Bridgeport.

They claim their opposition stems from the fact that charter schools syphon money away from traditional public schools, but in truth charters are almost entirely funded by separate state grants.

This leaves us to wonder, why is the board pursuing legal action, which ironically could potentially drain money away from schools? Perhaps it has something to do with their anti-reform union backers?

This potential lawsuit isn’t their first attempt at blocking new charters in Bridgeport.

Prior to the state Board of Education’s March vote, the board approved a ludicrous “moratorium” against charters schools. Of course, this vote was a complete sham since the state holds the authority to approve or deny state charter school applications.

This is just one of several lawsuits the board may be pursuing in the coming months. According to tonight’s agenda, the board will also be discussing the Request for Qualification for a new board-dedicated attorney.

The regular meeting starts 6:30 at the Aquaculture schools, 60 St. Stephens Rd; however, prior to this meeting, the board will hold a special meeting at 5:30, which will likely take place in executive session, on two different personnel issues.



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