UPDATE: Bridgeport Board Once Again Cancels Meeting on Student Achievement

There’s no doubt where the Bridgeport Board of Education’s priorities lie. Especially if you take today’s impromptu schedule change as any indication.

The board was originally supposed to meet tonight, Thursday April 24th, to discuss possible policy initiatives to help improve student achievement and the district’s disturbingly low graduation rates. You know, things the board is supposed to be doing…

Instead, tonight’s Student Achievement Committee meeting was cancelled for the second time to make way for a Processing Committee meeting to vote on the RFP for a new board attorney—because apparently, to board members, “exploration” into ligation against the state and city is a more pressing issue than student achievement.



I received an email from board member Jacqueline Kelleher, who’s the Student Achievement Committee Chair, correcting some of the information posted:

“Just letting you know that the Student Achievement Committee was postponed because of the Public Hearing in Council Chambers that begins tonight at 6 PM. It’s critical to be there to hear about the BOE budget and have the opportunity to listen to the public’s concerns, feedback, and solutions. I have not been able to attend these meetings because I teach class at night (except Thursdays and Fridays). The cancellation has nothing to do with the Board Process Committee scheduled for 5:30. So, unfortunately, as I will explain Monday, I scheduled a meeting without knowing about the City Council hearing. My rationale is that any decisions about student achievement involve significant resource allocation and we have to be on top of it – no intention of shirking duties on my committee but need to attend the City Hall session. I hope that clarifies. Also, we postponed before because my committee meets every third Thursday and the Thursday in April was vacation week. Jacqui”



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