Bridgeport Board of Education Takes Sham Vote To Oppose Better Schools, Putting Politics Before Children


That’s how I would describe the Bridgeport Board of Education’s actions at their regular meeting Monday night, where they voted 6-2 in favor of a moratorium against new charter schools in Bridgeport.

Rather than allow Bridgeport’s public to weigh in, the board quickly pushed through this moratorium, making sure to get the vote in before this week’s public forum on Great Oaks Charter School.

And again, the fix was in – in an attempt to stack the deck, the Working Families Party-controlled board filled the crowd with union shills, dispensing only lies and vitriol.

These “activists” conveniently took up the entire half hour public comments session, which was cut off before several parents in the audience could speak in favor of school choice.

In fact, these parents couldn’t even sign up to speak, because all the time slots were filled by Working Families Party Boss Maria Pereira before they arrived.

After almost six hours of “debate” on issues as pressing as censuring Reverend Moales (which was already voted on two weeks ago), Andre Baker quietly added this motion to the agenda, a measure originally proposed by Pereira.

The funny thing is, the resolution has no legal binding. The applications currently under consideration are state public charter schools, so the local Bridgeport Board of Education has no actual say in the matter.

So they did what they can do: Bluster about and make so much noise that no charter operator wants to come in.

That’s not the only message these actions send – it also shows the board is willing to put politics and their union financiers before Bridgeport’s children.



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