Bridgeport Board of Education: How Public can a 12pm Meeting Be?

How many parents, teachers and members of the community will be able to make it out to a 12 noon committee meeting? My guess is not many.

I suppose we’ll find out if I’m right, since the board has scheduled a process committee meeting at 12 noon today, in room 305 at 45 Lyons Terrace, where they are set to discuss and vote on which attorney to recommend to the full board to hire.

Considering the amount of money that gets allocated yearly towards legal fees–between $400,000 and $1 million — I would say this topic is very important.

So why schedule a meeting at such an inconvenient time unless, of course, they don’t want members of the community to be there? It would be one thing if they indicated that this was a matter to be discussed in executive session, however, nowhere on the agenda does it say that.

As readers of the blog may already be aware, the board has been shopping around for a new attorney, because … politics.

The board insists that by not going through the city attorney’s office for legal work, they will save the district money. Except that most likely they will still have to outsource specialized cases, but forget about that.

Their search for a new law firm also likely has a lot to do with possibility of suing the city over the Minimum Budget Requirement, which would explain why certain board members wanted a clause in the Request for Qualifications that would bar any law firm that ever did work with the city from applying.

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