Bridgeport Board of Education Considering Ending Facilities Merger That Saves The District $1 Million

Despite all logic, it seems the Board of Education’s facilities merger with the city may be on the chopping block once again.

The facilities merger, which began in 2012, has saved the school board’s operations budget approximately $1 million.

At Monday’s meeting, board member Howard Gardner made several comments about the facilities merger, insisting that it was not a fair deal for the board. Which is why it comes as no surprise that the facilities committee has decided to review the consolidation of services between the board and city at tonight’s meeting.

Apparently $1 million in savings isn’t a “fair deal.”

Gardner insists that the board needs a “line of demarcation” with the city, ending their mergers with the Bridgeport Police Department and city’s the Public Facilities Department.

The savings are clear, and the board knows this. Gardner is either being dishonest, or he didn’t bother to read the letter sent earlier this year by Director of Public Facilities Jorge Garcia:

In the past, taxpayers have supported two separate departments that serve similar functions. Through unprecedented collaboration between the City administration and the Board of Education, the Departments were merged to create a more transparent and efficient service delivery system.

In total, the merger of the two departments has resulted in approximately $1 million in operating savings for the Board of Education.

This is nothing new. Regular readers of the blog may remember that back in February, board members were fighting to end both the facilities and security mergers. The security merger ultimately abandoned, at least for the time being, due to public outcry.



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