Bridgeport Board of Education Approves Harding High School Expansion

Monday night’s regular board meeting was surprising, and not just because it ended before 9 P.M.

In an uncharacteristic move, the Bridgeport Board of Education unanimously approved expanding the enrollment of the new Harding High School without the usual bickering.

The building is being increased by about 35 percent to accommodate another 300 students.

That’s a big step, though it was made with little fanfare or fighting.

Perhaps it was a full moon? Or more likely, the lack of rancor stemmed from the fact that Monday night was the first meeting after John Bagley’s resignation – who was intent on stalling the construction project.

About two weeks ago, Bagley submitted a brief resignation letter to the City Clerk’s office, with no details as to why he was resigning; though there has been speculation his break with the board was over Harding’s expansion.

According to city officials, the modifications to the existing building plan will cost the city an additional $20 million. As long as the modifications are submitted by November 15, the state will continue to fund 80 percent of the project under the old school construction formula.



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