Bridgeport Becomes Safe Haven For All Students

A day after over a hundred Bridgeport residents rallied at City Hall, asking the city council to make the city a “sanctuary cit”y— and basically ignored by Mayor Joseph Ganim the Bridgeport school board voted 6-0 to make Bridgeport Public Schools a safe haven for undocumented students and families.

The Connecticut Post has the story:

“Board member Sauda Baraka proposed the resolutions, saying the current political climate in the nation has resulted in students and families expressing fear and concerns for student safety,

“I am very concerned for the well being of the children in our district,” Baraka said. “Our families are frightened.”

The resolution states that the district will protect student personal data, and not allow Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents onto school property without prior written approval of the superintendent.

It also designates school board property as safe havens for students and their families.

Julio Lopez, director of Make the Road Connecticut, an organization working with communities across the state to create so-called sanctuary cities, called the resolution an important first step.

Even though the city has not yet passed such a resolution, Lopez said by the school district doing it, it at least creates a safe space within the borders of Bridgeport.

“It is a strong signal and we appreciate it,” Lopez said. “To make sure everyone in school is clear about the what they have to do when it comes to immigrant and undocumented students…”




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