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BREAKING: Activists Mobilizing to Maintain the Status Quo

The activists are coming out of the woodwork and crawling out of their holes..

In advance of a public hearing on a pair of public charter school applications, tonight’s Board of Education Meeting will be the petri dish for the spread of more lies and misinformation on charter schools.

But we’ve got their number. You’ll hear the same, boring, tired, worn-out deceit that makes it so hard to educate kids effectively in Bridgeport.

Here’s the truth:

Only two out of ten 10th graders who speak English as a second language can read at grade level. That is an entire population of students falling through the cracks in Bridgeport.

Great Oaks, one of the two charter schools to dare apply to work in Bridgeport, is designed from the ground up to address that problem.

Steve Perry has run a magnet school in Hartford that graduates close to 100 percent of its students.

That’s the truth.

If you go — and more power to you if you do — you’ll be sure to hear buzzwords crafted to incite fear and hatred.

What you won’t hear is solutions. You will hear no ideas. You will hear a negative amount proactive thinking.

There will be no thoughtful takes on ways to improve Bridgeport’s schools. There will be no recognition that these kids are suffering from a lack of education.

In fact, you might hear the opposite — you might hear how great the schools are.

Which should show any intelligent person how out of touch these activists are.

So I urge you, Bridgeport people, use your heads, sift through the lies.

Our kids need our help and deserve no less.



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