BOE’s Search To Replace Bagley Complicated By Sham Third Party

Wanna be a member of Bridgeport Board of Education? Easy! All you have to do is reside in Bridgeport and be an unaffiliated voter willing to register as a member of the Working Families Party.


That’s because, at the moment, the Board of Education is scrambling to find a replacement for John Bagley, who resigned over two weeks ago. Unfortunately, their search has been complicated by the fact that the Working Families Party is a complete sham.

Of the approximately 69,000 registered voters in Bridgeport, only three of them were registered members of the Working Families Party. That’s less than 0.1 percent.

Yet, this “political party” was able to manipulate the state minority party laws in order to take control of the board by bankrolling their own slate of candidates…who are members of another political party!

This is not something they hide either. The state Working Families Party encouraged their membership to register with one of the major parties. In fact, WFP Executive Director Lindsey Farrell flat out told the Connecticut Post, “We don’t encourage voters to register with our party.”

That’s really why the board is in the predicament they’re in now. The WFP is simply a front to take advantage of state law to exert undue influence on politics in the state.

But time is running out. At the moment the Board of Education have less than five business days to review resumes, interview potential candidates and vote on their final pick.

If they can’t get this done in five days? Mayor Finch will choose the new board member.

The problem here is that state and local laws contradict each other, because when those laws were created, there was no accounting for sham third parties who encourage their membership not to register with them.

So, who will take Bagley’s seat then? Apparently anyone who’s not currently affiliated, regardless of views or values.

I hope this incident wakes up Bridgeport residents to the truth about the “party” that controls our schools: the Working Families Party is not a legitimate political party—they’re a special interest, posing as a legitimate one.



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