BOE to Seek Legal Counsel on Roosevelt Soccer Field

I’m pretty sure we all saw this coming.

While a vote last night to halt construction of the soccer field at the new Roosevelt School failed 6-2, the Bridgeport Board of Education did, however, decide to call on its new attorney to research their legal options.

Not a shocker, considering the board’s penchant for jumping into litigation.

According to Chairwoman Sauda Baraka, their attorney will be looking into whether or not the board has the legal authority to suspend construction of the soccer field, which is currently in the process of being installed.

Whether or not the board is gearing up for another frivolous lawsuit against the city and how much that fool’s errand will cost taxpayers is uncertain. However, it’s clear they have not abandoned their efforts to replace the soccer field for kids at Roosevelt with a parking lot for teachers, proving once again they care more about their union backers than the children of Bridgeport.

The board is set to take up the question of halting construction of the field at Monday night’s regular board meeting.



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