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Board Members Argue Over “Integrity of the Panel”

It’s official! The board has until October 30th to make a decision on Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez-Dickson.

The closing of evidentiary portion of the hearing was agreed upon and confirmed at Tuesday’s special board meeting—but not before an angry spat between board members Thomas Mulligan and Bobby Simmons over exhibit 16.

The document in question was supposed to be a breakdown disciplinary data at Jettie S. Tisdale School. The information initially provided on October 4th, however, was not what the board requested. The board wanted the information broken down demographically and also wanted unique counts rather than totals. This was the main reason for re-opening the hearing on Monday.

Mulligan was the only member of the board who remembered receiving the original document on October 4th.

In reaction to this, Simmons said he was “concerned over the integrity of the panel.”

Concerned over the integrity of the panel? Are you kidding me?

That’s rich coming from Simmons, who was among board members to vote for the dismissal of the hearing based solely on the fact that Superintendent Vallas recommended Perez-Dickson’ termination. Simmons also repeatedly asked leading questions during the hearing—including; asking if there was testimony that the “child wanted to be dragged?

Despite all the ruckus over exhibit 16, neither lawyer could speak to its relevance.

Attorney Christopher Hodgson, representing the administration, said his “position is that this information is irrelevant.”

Likewise, Dickson’s Attorney, Josephine Miller said she was also unsure of the document’s relevance.

The board is scheduled to resume deliberations on Friday, October 18th. Deliberations will take place in executive session; however, voting will be public.


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