Board Facilities Meet to Discuss Bassick Roof

Surprise, Surprise. After almost an entire summer without one meeting, the Bridgeport Board of Education’s Facilities committee has decided it’s about time they stop holding up building projects.

This impromptu meeting, which was added to the board’s schedule yesterday, will be held tonight at 5:30, in City Hall Room 305, 45 Lyons Terrace.

On tonight’s agenda are several items that city has been trying to get on the agenda since June, including the educational specification for Bassick High School’s roof project– a document that must be approved by the board before the bond application can be sent to the state.

Bassick’s roof has been a hot topic as of late, mostly because parents and community members are rightly upset that the project keeps being held up.

The roof was supposed to be renovated over summer break, but according to city officials, it was pushed back due to the board’s inaction.

First they failed to get their capital budget in to city council on time and later, after the budget was amended and the money was allocated, the board failed to approve key documents needed in order for the project to be sent to the state.

Even now, the project is stuck in limbo—though, hopefully, that will end tonight.

Other projects that are on hold that will discussed at tonight’s meeting include: alterations at Dunbar, FF&E and technology upgrades at Roosevelt and the new Harding High School building project.



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