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Baraka Defends Personal Attack on a Fellow Board Member


According to Bridgeport’s Working Families Party-controlled Board of Education, rules only apply to some.

At Monday night’s board meeting, in clear violation of their bylaws, Working Families Party-allied activist Clyde Nicholson was allowed to take personal pot-shots at former Board Chairman Rev. Kenneth Moales.

According to the board’s bylaws, “No individual or group [shall] be allowed to personally attack a board member … nor will the board receive any demands for specific disciplinary actions.” [Board Bylaws, Series 9000]

And when reminded by Moales that Nicholson’s comments were counter to the spirit and letter of the rules that govern the board, Baraka ignores him, encouraging Nicholson’s attack on the reverend.

As shown in the video above, rather than reprimand or ask Nicholson to stop, Board Chair Sauda Baraka defended his right to call Moales a “liar” – insisting that the board doesn’t normally interrupt speakers.

Anyone who has ever gone to a Bridgeport school board meeting would know this is complete nonsense — particularly coming from Baraka, who has cut off parents at meetings, and only a month ago demanded Moales be censured for a similar reason.

Eventually, after Moales’ persistent protests, Baraka conceded that she would “take the matter under consideration.” Not holding my breath on that one.

While this situation is outrageous, it’s only one example of the political shenanigans that have become pattern for the Working Families Party-controlled Board, who insists on picking and choosing which by-laws to follow based on what suits their agenda. [Education Bridgeport, 2/13/2014]



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