Baraka Continues to Threaten Security Merger Despite Promising Results

If principals feel schools are safer and if fewer students are being arrested – wouldn’t it stand to reason that the security program is doing something right? Or, at least moving in the right direction?

Apparently not to Sauda Baraka.

During last Tuesday night’s Bridgeport Board of Education meeting, the former board chair once again refused to believe that the independent audit she insisted upon was valid. Though, this time around she had her ally Howard Gardner backing her up.

The two, hell-bent on breaking ties with the city, insisted that the audit was “flawed.”

Not exactly a surprising response, if you consider that Baraka has been pushing to dismantle the merger for over a year. In fact, she was nearly successful in pushing through a vote to end the Memorandum of Understanding back when she was BOE chair, but was halted when parents and school security officers came out en masse to publically support the merger of services.

This time, Baraka went a step further, saying that she wasn’t going to support any of the recommendations of the audit until another audit was done.

In other words, this first audit didn’t get the right results, so let’s spend the district’s money on another!

Meanwhile, during the very same meeting, it was revealed that school arrests have steadily decreased, from over 200 in 2010, to 41 in 2015.

Since the Bridgeport Police Department took over command of school security and began training school resource officers, the number of school arrests have gone down to nearly a fifth of what they once were.

It’s hard to believe anyone looking at these statistics could question the results.

Then again, this was never about the results – or even ensuring the safety of Bridgeport students, was it?



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