Bagley Feels Left Out, Accuses Superintendent and BOE Chair of Conspiracy

Is there trouble in Paradise? It appears so.

According to an email chain recently provided to Education Bridgeport!, Bridgeport Board of Education Facilities Chair John Bagley is none too happy with Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz and Chairwoman Sauda Baraka.

So unhappy, in fact, that he sent a 1,000-word tirade on October 7 to the superintendent, which he copied to members of the press. In the email, he accuses Rabinowitz, Baraka and city officials of conspiring together behind closed doors.

Most grievous of all, he was not allowed in on the conspiracy.

In the email, Bagley says he was not invited to a September 29 Harding High School planning meeting between city officials and the board. Apparently, that means there is some nefarious scheme afoot.

Here’s an excerpt from the email:

“…I was not present at the meeting, nor was I invited to attend. This email must have been sent to me in error.

My professional experience includes significant work in team sports. In order to win games and championships, a one-for-all and all-for-one

attitude was necessary. Everyone on the team knew the goal, and worked together to meet that goal.

Perhaps it is because of that background, that I have found the experience on this Board of Education to be ‘out of bounds.’

Having returned to Bridgeport following a career in professional basketball, I have come to understand that it is in keeping with the Bridgeport style of governing, for matters affecting the public interest to be discussed out of the presence of the resident and taxpayers…

So, apparently, the board and city met on September 29 to discuss a plan to expand the footprint of the Harding High School building plan. Bagley is outraged by this, despite the fact that this issue was discussed in public during the last Facilities Committee meeting, which Bagley attended.

Even more hilarious than Bagley’s insistent use of sports cliches was the superintendent’s response to this nonsense. In reality, he was invited to the meeting:

Mr. Bagley,

I want to make it clear that you were invited to the Harding meeting which took place on September 29th in my office. Please see calendar invite below. I also spoke to you after the meeting and asked why you had not attended.

You were also sent the update on the meeting because I sent the update to all invitees whether or not they attended the meeting.


John Bagley was invited

In other words, Bagley either ignored his emails — it wouldn’t the first time — or, just as likely, he somehow doesn’t understand how modern, computer-based invitations work, which is troubling, considering he’s in charge of the committee that makes decisions on complicated school construction projects.

More than anything this latest melodrama unfolding behind the scenes is a prime example of why the board doesn’t get anything done. Bagley and others are far too busy imagining political intrigue.



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