Another Union Gives Pelto the Cold Shoulder

Yet another union has given self-proclaimed Savior Of All Unions Jon Pelto the cold shoulder. This time, the Connecticut AFL-CIO didn’t even invite Pelto to the party.

That’s right, when the the state AFL-CIO held their nominating convention, they asked Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to speak. They even asked Republican gubernatorial front-runner Tom Foley to speak, a man whose values are understood by union leaders to be diametrically opposed to those of union members.

They left Pelto off the program. He wasn’t invited to speak.

“To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement,” he whined, and like a little boy who has his ball taken away, had a little public tantrum, saying the union was being “unfair.”

The Connecticut AFL-CIO is the third major union to brush Pelto aside.

On Tuesday, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten spoke to reporters about Pelto, who she politely called a “friend” whose “candidacy is a distraction and a danger,” according to Connecticut Mirror reporter Mark Pazniokas.

The AFT’s Connecticut chapter voted to endorse Malloy last week. and Pelto wasn’t too happy about that.

By way of contrast, in a speech to members Tuesday Weingarten noted a few of Malloy’s achievements in education: “He’s increased funding for K-12, increased funding by 7 percent for K-12, making Connecticut the second-highest education spender in the country since the recession.”

Pelto, by the way, has taken every opportunity to bash Malloy’s record with labor and on education.

Perhaps Jon Pelto should get real.

But I don’t wish Pelto any ill will. In fact, I’ve put together a list of places he should campaign, locations I think his keen grasp on reality will do some good:

– Oz: Nobody knows how to hide from reality while creating the illusion that you are all powerful better than Jon Pelto.

– Narnia: He could organize the talking mice and perhaps overthrow the monarchy. Unless, of course, the monarchy offers him a consulting contract.

– Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: The education standards have really slipped under Dumbledore, as I am sure Slytherin House resident Pelto would attest.

– Middle Earth: With the elves all heading out to points unknown, there’s a power vacuum. Someone’s gotta tell the orcs and goblins what to do.



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