All Six Potential Candidates for Bagley’s Seat New Registrants to the WFP

Suddenly, everyone’s jumping to join the Working Families Party. WFP in Bridgeport has seen their membership quadruple in the last month, from 3 members to 11!

Interestingly, not one of the six potential candidates set to be interviewed at tonight’s special meeting were members of the WFP more than a week ago.

In fact, the only reason these six people were able to qualify for John Bagley’s open seat was because of a loophole in state electoral law, which allows unaffiliated voters to instantly switch political parties.

Can you see the problem here?

None of these people actually have a connection to the political party that they are now supposed to represent on the board.

Even scarier, after only a 15 minute interview, one of these people will have instant influence on the board that controls Bridgeport Schools.

Of course, the board wouldn’t be in this situation had the WFP not gone out of their way to manipulate the state’s minority party rules or encouraged their members to register with a major party.

Linda Lambeck at the Connecticut Post has published the names and short bios of each applicant on her blog:

• Hans E. Nelson, a Bassick High School graduate whose resume says he last worked at Genox Homecare in Stratford, Nelson says in his letter of interest that he has significant experience in the customer care field. He previously worked in property management and once was a school bus driver.

• Ben M. Walker, a Greenwich teacher and Bridgeport resident, says in his letter he has two degrees in education and 34 years experience in the classroom as a music teacher and band director.Before Greenwich, he worked in Litchfield, Wilton, Danbury, and Western Connecticut State University.

• Willard Pinn, a consultant with Goodwill Industries said he was intrigued by the job posting in his letter of interest. He said he is retired from the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities. Among his listed skills is excellent public speaking.

• Shannon Brame-Collier, parent of a child at Skane School and small business owner as a Mary Kay consultant. She said in her letter she is passionate about issues facing all children in the school system. She said in her resume she is able to remain calm in very tense situations and good at diffusing confrontations.

• Andrea Bynoe-Clarke, whose resume says she recently was a Central High PTSO president. She is a part-time litigation paralegal. mother of two,

• Kadisha Coates, a parent, licensed nurse who in her resume says she now works as Vice President of Communications Infrastructure Corp. She previously was a nurse at Stamford Hospital. She has three children, two are in charter schools. She said her vision is one where students flourish and families are proud of their educational systems.

All six candidates will be interviewed at tonight’s special meeting, held at the Aquaculture school, 60 St. Stephens Road, at 5PM. If you can’t make it out, I’ll be live tweeting updates from @EduBridgeport.



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