A Sad Day For Bridgeport Schools: Pereira Returns To Power With Slate In Tow

Bridgeport’s disgraced ex-con ex-mayor wasn’t the only person to make a comeback yesterday.

Maria Pereira, will also be returning to power after a term-long hiatus with her slate in tow.

Pereira won third place, with her running mates Dennis Bradley and Ben Walker taking the top two spots.

So, what does this mean for Bridgeport Public Schools?

Considering Pereira’s history, it’s possible that Bridgeport returns to the bad old days of power plays, six-hour rancor-filled BOE meetings, and lawsuits galore.

One lawsuit in particular now seems imminent.

Both Pereira and at least one of her running mates, Greenwich teacher Ben Walker, has said that they support suing the state over funding. 

The only silver lining is that Pereira’s buddies did not sweep the election, as they could have.

Republican Kevin McSpirit beat out Working Families Party candidate and anti-reformer Karen Jackson for the fourth place spot. This means the anti-reform coalition, which includes former chair Sauda Baraka and Howard Gardner, have a 5-4 majority on the BOE.


As reported by the Connecticut Post, Here’s the full unofficial election results:

Dennis Bradley – 11,961

Ben Walker – 11,320

Maria Pereira – 10,792

Kevin McSpirit – 3,536

John Weldon – 3,349

Karen Jackson – 2,890



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