Mercy A. Quaye and John Dankosky set out to find the throughlines woven into Connecticut life, tracing how each of us is more alike than our assumptions make us think. We pass the microphone from the policymakers to the people, connecting with Connecticut’s communities to reframe familiar stories and explore those left untold.

Long Story Short

Behind the scenes at the home of public policy journalism in Connecticut. Interviews with newsmakers featured in the CT Mirror’s biggest stories and insights from the journalists who cover them. Each week WSHU’s Ebong Udoma joins us to rundown the Sunday Feature with our reporters. We also present specials on CT Mirror’s big investigative pieces.

Steady Habits

Steady Habits: A CT Mirror Podcast, hosted by John Dankosky, aims to foster meaningful conversations with newsmakers and the journalists who cover them. Each episode, we dig into Connecticut’s biggest stories in policy and politics.

Latest Podcasts


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