How does this program work?

CT Mirror is allocating two ad slots on its desktop platform for ads from small to medium sized nonprofit organizations.  All of the ads that we receive will run in a random rotation in these two slots through at least September 30, 2023, subject to a few conditions and guidelines.

What kind of guidelines?

The program guidelines are the FAQ’s on this page. Our standard advertising guidelines are available HERE (toward the bottom of the page).

What organizations are elibible?

Connecticut-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations with annual revenue of less than $5 million. If we don’t recognize the name of your organization we may ask you to provide an IRS determination letter or documentation of a fiscal sponsorship relationship.

How much does this cost?

Nothing.  This is a free program.

How many different ads can we run?

You can run one ad at a time, two total, but we are not able to rotate your ads in any way.  Once you ask for your first ad to be removed we can replace it with a second ad of yours, but we will not be able to put the first one back up at a later date.  It’s like soccer, where once you come out of the game you can’t go back in.

Can CT Mirror help us design or develop our ad?

No, we do not have the capacity to help you design or resize your ad.  If you submit an ad that does not conform to the guidelines we reference above it will be returned to you. 

What size ads does CT Mirror accept?

The only size ad we can accept is 300 (wide) x 250 (deep / tall) at 72 DPI. 

Will our ads run on the CT Mirror mobile platform?

Probably not.  We have much more inventory on desktop so that’s where we are committing that the ads in this program will run.  They will run on mobile as inventory allows, but there are no guarantees.

Will CT Mirror tell us how our ad(s) perform?

Yes, once, shortly after the program’s initial end date of September 30, 2023.  If we extend the program beyond September 30, then we will provide a performance report after the subsequent end date.

Can CT Mirror guarantee some minimum number of impressions?

Unfortunately, we cannot.  That will be a function of the number of readers who visit the site and the number of participants in the program.

Will CT Mirror cap the number of nonprofits who can participate?

We don’t plan to, but if we get an overwhelming response we reserve the right to do so.  Our advice: sign up early.

How quickly after we submit our ads will CT Mirror place them on the CT Mirror site?

We will load ads once a week, over the weekend.

When will the program start?

We will start on June 12, the beginning of the week after the legislative session ends.

How long will CT Mirror do this for?

We will run the program through at least September 30, 2023.  We will consider extending it as circumstances allow.

Why is CT Mirror making this program available?

As one of just a few truly statewide institutions CT Mirror has the opportunity, and frankly, a responsibility to help familiarize all Connecticut residents with their fellow Connecticut residents and communities in other parts of the state.  This is a small gesture in advancing a greater sense of community among everyone who lives and works here.

How do I submit an ad:

Click HERE to submit your ad, the website URL you would like your ad to click to, and your contact information.